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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

First, the definitions

This website’s proprietor is referred to as “Sleek Assured Removals”, “we”, and “us” in the following text. The titles “customer”, “client”, and “you” refer to the individual who places an online reservation. The terms “driver” and “service provider” refer to the removal services of Sleek Assured Removals.

Customers who utilise the Sleek Assured Removals service acknowledge having read and accepted the following terms and conditions.

Utilising the site

By using the Sleek Assured Removals website, you agree to and accept the terms and conditions outlined on this page. You may not use the Sleek Assured Removals website if you disagree with any of these terms and conditions. You agree to use the website in good faith and are prohibited from using, uploading, or transmitting any material that is hostile, offensive, indecent, impolite, violent, pornographic, offensive, likely to provoke racial hatred, unfair, threatening, immoral, seditious, profane, in breach of confidence, in breach of privacy, or that may cause irritation or embarrassment.

Anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted to use the Sleek Assured Removals website. We may temporarily restrict access to our website in order to make updates. 

website content

Sleek Assured Removals does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the website’s content, that the website’s material is current, or that the website is error-free. Sleek Assured Removals may modify the website’s content at any time and without notice. The content of the Sleek Assured Removals website is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon. We disclaim any liability resulting from any user’s reliance on our website.


You are expressly prohibited from doing the following:

Publishing any Website content in any other media; – selling, sub-licensing, and/or otherwise commercialising any Website content; – publicly performing and/or displaying any Website content; – using Sleek Assured Removals in any way that is or may be damaging to Sleek Assured Removals website; – using Sleek Assured Removals website in any way that impacts user access to Sleek Assured Removals website; – using Sleek As

protection of intellectual property

You are prohibited from duplicating or selling any portion of the Sleek Assured Removals website. This website’s content is owned by Sleek Assured Removals. Contact us if you have any concerns about the content of our website.

Governing law and authority

These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom, and you consent to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the United Kingdom courts for the resolution of any disputes.


Each appointment can be rated for Sleek Assured Removals only after the job has been completed. It is strictly prohibited to threaten Sleek Assured Removals with negative feedback in order to obtain job-related benefits not included in the initial job description or estimate.

In the unlikely event that negative feedback is left for Sleek Assured Removals’s service, Sleek Assured Removals reserves the right to investigate the cause of such feedback and modify or not publish it if it is deemed unfounded negative feedback, without your consent.

Customers pay a deposit or the total price for a service using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. At the conclusion of the work, the remainder is paid to Sleek Assured in cash or via bank transfer.

Alternatively, the entire cost of the task can be paid at the time of booking with the customer owing nothing upon completion.

If the customer requires additional time to complete the job, or if there are additional flights of stairs (if the customer ordered assistance), or if there are additional stops, or if additional journeys are required, the customer will pay the additional amounts to the driver in cash or by bank transfer.

Cancellation and refunds

There is a free cancellation window of two hours after booking confirmation. If you still wish to cancel after two hours, there will be a fee.

If you cancel your booking more than 7 working days prior to your pick-up date and time, you will be charged £10.00.

If you withdraw your booking less than 7 business days prior to the pick-up date and time, you will be charged a cancellation fee equal to 35{b241031bd3b0ddb821e576a33287a4ee37b0bf86798a56be70a22110199cce4b} of the total cost of the operation (the deposit).

If you cancel your booking less than 24 hours before it is scheduled to begin, you will not receive a refund.

If you attempt to abuse our website in any way by making multiple bookings no refunds will be issued.

If you desire to postpone your booking, we reserve the right to hold any funds paid until you reschedule, at which point the funds will be applied to the new booking. If you decide to cancel your booking, the above cancellation policy will apply.

If for some reason (caused by us) we must replace your driver and ultimately reschedule the pick-up time with your consent, you may cancel the booking and receive a full refund (at the instant we notify you of the change, not later). If the driver was replaced or the pickup time was delayed, we do not offer any compensation as long as the job was completed.

Sleek Assured Removals cannot compensate you if you pay any (extra) amounts directly to the driver.

To request a refund, please contact us on 07462877455 / 07455911888 or [email protected].

The refund will take between 5 and 10 business days.


Insurance for the transport of goods

Goods in transit insurances cover up to £10,000 in losses.

Client responsibilities

The customer is solely responsible for selecting the appropriate van capacity. Contact our customer support team for assistance in making the correct selection.

The client is responsible for reserving parking for the reserved vehicle. If there is no available parking and Sleek Assured Removals receives a parking ticket, the customer will be responsible for paying the fine at the conclusion of the job.

The customer is responsible for ensuring that all belongings can be transferred from the old to the new residence and fit through the entrances. Sleek Assured Removals is incompetent to remove windows or install new entrances on residential properties.

The client is responsible for ensuring there is sufficient manpower to lift and transport large items (considering the specified assistance level and the number of individuals on-site). If an item is too weighty to be lifted by available site personnel (legal manual handling guidelines suggest the maximum safe lifting weight for a woman is 16kg, and the maximum safe lifting weight for a man is 25kg), it will not be transferred into the vehicle (with no discounts or refunds).

The customer is responsible for disassembling items prior to Sleek Assured Removals’ arrival unless this service has been requested in the description field at the foot of the Instant Quotes page. All our couriers carry rudimentary tools, but you must let us know in advance if you need them to disassemble furniture.

The customer is responsible for providing accurate move information (including contact information). If the customer does not enter all move parameters correctly (such as additional flight of stairs, additional stops, and additional time), additional costs will be calculated by the driver (based on the prices listed in the booking details) and paid directly to the driver in cash or via bank transfer.

If the customer received a single item discount (by checking the appropriate box on the quote form) but more items need to be moved, it is the customer’s responsibility to pay in cash the value of the discount; otherwise, the driver will move a single item as the customer originally selected.

The consumer is responsible for packing everything correctly. Sleek Assured Removals is not liable for damages caused by improper packaging.

The customer is responsible for ensuring that all required products are transferred into the transport. Sleek Assured Removals is not responsible for items left behind at the collection location.

If the customer causes a delay, Sleek Assured Removals reserves the right to charge for the additional time spent waiting for the customer to be ready.

If the customer booked incompletely (missing flights of stairs, additional stops required, additional miles required, additional trips), the customer must pay the extra services in cash or by bank transfer to the driver in accordance with the booking extra-charges (as displayed on the booking management page).

If the customer needs to travel in the van (considering the number of available seats), it is their responsibility to let us know (using the message box after the booking is complete or contacting us via mail).

If the consumer wishes to modify the pick-up time of a confirmed booking, we cannot guarantee availability.

Abuse of staff will not be tolerated. If Sleek Assured Removals is forced to terminate an assignment due to customer harassment, the client will still be charged in full.


Your privacy is very essential to Sleek Assured Removals, so we will not share your information with third parties. Read the full privacy for more details.


Any disputes regarding Sleek Assured Removals tasks must be submitted in writing (email or contact form are acceptable) and will be thoroughly investigated. By using our booking website, you agree to release Sleek Assured Removals from all claims of any kind, and we will have no connection to the dispute in any way.

Lack of Payment

We reserve the right, upon non-payment to Sleek Assured Removals, to add your information to various blacklists, to prohibit you from our website, and to share your information with law enforcement.


If the customer chooses to load their own belongings into the Sleek Assured Removals van, Sleek Assured Removals will not be involved in the loading and offloading process, and the customer is solely responsible for any damage to the items. The items will only be covered in the event of a traffic accident.


Sleek Assured Removals is equipped with dollies, blankets, harnesses, and fundamental instruments. You can include any additional specifications in the description area at the foot of the Instant Quotes page.

Items prohibited

Certain products cannot be transported because they are hazardous, unlawful, or illegally hazardous (“Prohibited Goods”).

Minimum charge

There is a minimum charge of two hours for all bookings. However, you cannot book fewer hours than the duration of the journey; for example, if the travel from collection point to delivery point takes five hours, the smallest amount of time you can reserve is five hours. You must also consider the amount of time required to load and unload your items. If you require additional time, Sleek Assured Removals will bill you every half hour at their respective half-hourly rates. Unused time from the booked hours is not refundable.

Congestion charge zone and Ultra Low Emission Zone

If your pick up or drop off is in congestion charge zone, you will pay an additional £15.00 for the Congestion Charge to your driver on your move day

When travelling within the Ultra Low Emission Zone, there is no ULEZ fee.

Toll Highway fees

If the voyage involves toll road fees, you must either pay the fee yourself or pay the value of the fee in cash or via bank transfer to the driver at the conclusion of the job.

Parking costs

If parking fees are involved, you must pay them yourself or pay their value in cash or by bank transfer at the conclusion of the assignment.

Ferry expenses

If the voyage requires the use of a ferry, you are responsible for ferry costs (including the return van travel).


If there are delays caused by circumstances beyond our control (weather, traffic, etc.), Sleek Assured Removals will contact you prior to your scheduled pickup time and provide an estimated time of arrival. We are not liable for any customer losses caused by pick-up/delivery delays beyond our control, nor do we offer partial refunds for delays beyond our control.


Please notify us promptly in the unlikely event that the driver did not arrive at your pickup location.


All payments to Sleek Assured Removals must be made in cash or with a credit or debit card that has been prearranged.

Losses or damage

After the task has been completed and payment has been received, we assume no responsibility for lost or damaged property. In the unlikely event that your belongings are damaged, you must notify us within 24 hours of the conclusion of your booking. You must have dated photographs of the objects in question. Any estimates for the replacement or repair of damaged products or property must be submitted within 30 days of the date of the relocation.

Low quality products

Please note that Sleek Assured Removals will not be held liable for any damage caused by low-quality products. Please contact us if you are uncertain whether the type of product is covered.

Driver Reviews

Every time a job is completed, we request a written review of Sleek Assured Removals from the customer. The customer’s content must be original and becomes the property of Sleek Assured Removals (immediately).